‘Watching Closely?’

'Watching Closely'

Strolling around Plymouth at the weekend when I noticed that a large queue had assembled in the centre of the high street.

I could see that all eyes were firmly focused on the street performer situated in the centre of this huddle.
It was a young black guy who was limbo dancing underneath a pole which he gradually adjusted so that it got lower and lower.

Now that in itself took some skill and indeed a great deal of physical fitness and flexibility, but to make it even more interesting for the crowd assembled, he had decided to set the pole on fire.

I managed to sidle in and snap off a couple of shots of him in action which I will hopefully share with you later on my blog page, but at the time I had decided to spin around and to aim my camera lens directly at the crowd themselves.

Having now edited this particular image I really love the variety of facial expressions displayed.

On reflection though, I find it somewhat alarming just how quickly we can all become distracted whilst being entertained by such great performers that we so easily forget there are always unscrupulous individuals walking within our busy shopping precincts who are there purely to take full advantage of situations such as this, in order to carry out their petty theft and street crime activities!

That is why I was very pleased to see that their was indeed a local police presence. This came in the form of both an area car, and a local police community support officer.

Thankfully these officers do know this is the situation and so become the people who allow us to take our eye off the ball, albeit for that short period of time.

And in doing so we can all feel reassured that whilst enjoying all the fun and entertainment going on right in front of us, any such unsavoury characters who were thinking of trying to ply their trade are immediately dissuaded from doing so, due to the welcome presence of such high profile authority in close proximity.

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