‘Stairway to Heaven’

'Stairway to Heaven'

Took a drive over to Totnes which is known as the ‘Hippy’s’ paradise.

It’s truly a fantastic little place with a very steep climb up the high street. At the top however, one is treated to ‘Willows Restaurant’ probably the best place to sample vegetarian cuisine for miles and miles around?
And as an added bonus there are also a couple of excellent pubs nearby, one which sells Japanese beer named ‘Kirin Ichiban’ and which I can now, from personal experience, highly recommend!

Totnes has it’s own distinctly unique clock tower which straddles the main road and looks simply stunning.

This really is a great place to visit, particularly if you like to seek out those unusual and slightly quirky gift items. Many of which are offered in the array of superb shops, all of which sell their own special brands of leather ware, quality gifts, and often collectable goods!

I am going to put up a little slide show on Monday next which I hope reflects my impressions and that I hope you might find interesting?

It also proved to be a superb venue to photographers of all persuasions.

Anyway having scaled the steep hill and partaken in my well earned pint of Japanese beer we commenced our descent back down to base camp (or the car park as it’s more commonly known!)

The roads and pavements here were very narrow in places and so I found myself on occasions pressing my back up against the shop front walls, especially as larger vehicles trundled past us.
It was on one such occasion that I happened to glance over the narrow roadway and spot this little image.

The old well worn stone steps and bannister rail appeared quite stark in contrast to the sun which shone so brightly onto the figure at the highest point on the stairs. Virtually completely bathed in the all encompassing light I thought this image looked almost spiritual in form?

Close behind was yet another follower, she too was alighting this mysterious stairway to heaven.

There is no doubt in my own mind that my first visit to Totnes was well worth the drive. And judging by the stairway image captured above, I would not hesitate to say that Totnes most definitely has hidden depths!

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