‘Window Shopping’

'Window Shopping'

Totnes high street just about mid-day and I spot this beautiful silver haired lady.

Dressed plainly but looking immaculate in brown laced deck sandals, chino slacks, and a neat vintage leather belt
Her crisp linen summer shirt opened to the waist revealing a plain V-neck white embroidered T-shirt beneath.

She was casually carrying one designer leather handbag the strap of which was draped over her right shoulder. She just looked so elegant and classy stopping to do some ‘window shopping’ at some of the more exclusive shops and premises, where she would stand momentarily to peer through their windows admiring the varied selection of wares on offer.

Now I admit that my eye was initially drawn toward her general direction due to her beautiful hair. This was trimmed and neatly styled and made her look very distinguished, it was further accentuated by the vivid and bright sunlight on offer.

Initally this lady was some way ahead of me when I first saw her and so I endeavoured to slightly increase my pace. The idea being to try and get a closer shot. However, this was to prove more of a challenge than anticipated.

I was pleased though to have managed this one capture which was snapped quickly. After which she literally moved away and disappeared out of view.

I both admired and respected this lady who seemed to be ageing so gracefully. With a warm infectious smile she looked to be enjoying her life and embracing the moment.

I really did think that she looked stunning that day this anonymous lady in my photograph, with her seemingly effortless poise and charm.

8 thoughts on “‘Window Shopping’

    • Wow! You are just too kind… Thank you so much for your encouraging words! I truly do appreciate them Thank you my friend. Hope you are well? Regards Bob

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