‘Three in a Tree’

'Three in a Tree'

Another image I managed to grab whilst on my recent visit to Plymouth.

I was returning to the top of the high street when I heard the peels of loud laughter from some young kids. But try as I might, I just couldn’t quite place exactly where this was originating from?

Assuming there might be a photo opportunity imminently forthcoming, I quickly removed the lens cover and prepared the camera to take a shot.
It was only when I actually got close enough to have alerted the gentleman in the fore-ground of this image, that I saw that there were indeed kids. Three in-fact, and in a tree very nearby, and boy, were they enjoying themselves!

So much so that they were far to busy climbing and competing as to who could get the highest point, to even notice me or my camera.

Strangely though immediately after capturing this photograph my memory drew me back to a time in my own childhood.

And suddenly there I was, standing at a place called the ‘Red Rocks’

In my left hand was a jam jar with a string handle fashioned by my Dad and in my right hand a bamboo stick at the end of which was a fishing net. I was standing by a pond and ready to collect frogs and newts.

The ‘Red Rocks’ also had a really large Oak tree as I recall which had a swing in the form of a solid plank of wood with a hole drilled through it’s centre and firmly attached to an overhanging branch.

On here you could swing about to your hearts content, or if it was occupied (as indeed it frequently was) then instead you could climb up inside this magnificent tree as high as you dared at the time.

My best friends then were a couple of lads who I spent every available hour of my days with. Rob Vee and Michael Powell. As I recall it, these two lads could climb trees like a couple of monkeys.
Now although I often tried to emulate these enviable skills, and as much as I would like to embelish this story for my own benefit, I have to admit to you all, I never did quite manage to achieve the then coveted ‘best climber award’

And so then, all these years later, there still remains for me something magical about climbing trees which resonates even more so now that I am older. Stupidly I still dare to believe that I might still be able to relive and achieve those fond and treasured moments now just distant memories?

But despite having been unexpectedly transported back in time to momentarily relive that wonderful snap shot from my youth I decided to remain with my feet firmly planted on the ground. Content in part at least to smile nostalgically about what, at that time were unexpectedly to become some of my most favourite memories spent with the absolute best mates whom I firmly believed would be around with me forever!

10 thoughts on “‘Three in a Tree’

  1. I had to look hard to find the kids.

    I loved to climb trees (still do, when I can). I fell out of a tree once, somersaulting over a branch on the way down before landing flat on my face on the hard dirt below. For years I thought the bump in my nose was from the fall until I took a much closer look at my father and grandmother. 😉

  2. At first I couldn’t find them! It was like a hidden object game – (although I heard their laughter!). Lovely photograph.

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