‘Credit where Credit’s due’

'Credit where Credit's due'

I had been visiting my old pal Larry from Plymouth recently when he informed me out of the blue, that he was on an early shift at work that following morning!

Now that meant me either lying in, lazing around or getting up and heading in to town with the camera.

There was no contest actually so I decided I would be far happier walking about the streets drinking the occasional coffee, and doing my general people watching stuff which I could never tire of doing.

Well we leave Tamerton Foliot and aside from a small amount of morning traffic congestion arrive into town as the shutters were going up.
Already the town is alive with people coming and going. The sun was bright as I approached the high street and there was a distinctly cool feel to the morning air.

Before I realise it am entering Drake Circus indoor shopping mall. This was part of a (£200 million) investment and long awaited by locals to the area.

From here there are superb views of the University, and close by is Plymouth Museum and also the central library.

So having the whole morning to myself now I thought that I might as well try and take in some of these sites…indeed why not?

The shopping mall was light clean and very modern in it’s design although I must admit that personally I detest shopping, as I have stated in previous blog entries.
But there are people in shopping mall’s…And lots of them!

Taking the escalators to the top floor I fired off some images before ordering myself a double shot expresso coffee and a cheeky pastry for my brekkie.

Feeling slightly decadent I took a table overlooking the escalators and with a clear view of the various floors below.
Whilst sitting there sipping my drink I noticed a young woman polishing some of the glass screen surrounds and the chrome sections which separated them. I must say that by the time she had finished them, they were gleaming and caught the available reflected light beautifully.

Standing up from my table amidst some curious glances I leaned over the glass partitions and snapped this image.

If you look closely you will note that there was a sponsored indoor cycle ride taking place beneath me and shoppers were dropping coins into the collection tins or talking to the participants who were part of the cycle relay team.

It was neat the way that the freshly polished glass panels gave a totally different feel to this image, and had it not been for that lady’s hard work, then I am almost sure I would not have achieved such a pleasing end result.

So credit where credit’s due were it not for that lady’s hard work I doubt I would have been able to submit this rather impressive photograph onto my blog today.

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