How long is it since you tried to master this particular silly skill? Well for me personally it was quite recent…in-fact last weekend.

Being an interested and entertaining kind of grandad I was endeavouring to astound the second youngest of our grand children ‘Harri’ and I think that amazingly I managed only a few seconds before the spoon slid from my nose and fell with a ping and a clatter onto the tiled kitchen floor.

Now the young woman seen here in my photograph today definitely seemed to have grasped the fundamentals required? And as the photograph shows, her unfaltering post preparation was to ensure that her spoon would remain in situ suitably long enough at least, for me to get this photographic capture.

It is my current understanding that the World Record held for this particular technique currently stands at 2 hours…TWO hours? Damn, that’s impressive!

So not to be out done, I decided that my previous abysmal job of attempting to impress our little ‘Harri’ could definitely be improved upon? It was time to do my research.

Luckily for me there was indeed a plethora of such information and advice readily available from a wide range of internet sources.

And so for your delectation I have sought that which I consider to be the most useful on offer and I am for one day only making available for your perusal as it were?

Now you might want to go and get a pen and paper at this point?

Apparently a good starting point for beginners is that you to use a fresh napkin to remove any grease or oil from the surface of your proboscis?

Secondly you must ensure that the whole surface of your chosen spoon, and in particular the cupped side, are equally cleaned with the afore mentioned napkin or towel, and are also absolutely grease free?

Then last… but not least!

You delicately hold the handle of your spoon and place the cupped end to your mouth and breathe warm moist air upon it.
Importantly, it is this vital moisture released through your hot breath which holds the key to your possible future ‘World Champion’ record holding potential.

That done you then proceed to hang your spoon onto the ball of your nose, slightly tipping your head back, and allowing the handle to hang pointing directly downwards to the floor.

Logic and practice suggest that it is then that your spoon will indeed stick! This despite the fact that all of our noses are different shapes and sizes.
At this crucial point your friends will be watching on in awe and disbelief at your stupidity… sorry, ability.
Do not be put off though, it is absolutely critical you do not make any fast or sudden movements.

Hold fast….Be strong!

And that’s it. So go on, give it a try.

And if you indeed have grand children of your own then let me know how you got on entertaining and sharing this wondrous life changing new skill with them!

“Go on…You know you want to?”

6 thoughts on “‘Spooning’

  1. Thanks Bob sitting in Costa in Winchester, I read your blog so had to try it. Well why did I not check the spoon as it was hot I let out one almighty ouch when everyone looked and laughed. So I said you try it, some did. Where were you with your camera. Haha

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