‘One Bike One Bench One Book’

'One Bike One Bench One Book'

Life can be so hectic at times, there never seems to be enough hours in the day for me, this despite my very best intentions.

Anyone who may have spent their professional life working with and supporting some very complex often needy people will already know the demands which they can make on your time. Often appearing selfish in the extreme? It is frequently their relentless expectations which can leave people involved in such work, feeling tired emotional and totally under valued professionally!

I will admit to you, it has taken me all of these years to start to understand just exactly what is important in this life of mine, and why being able to ‘switch off’ and feel no sense of guilt, is such a hugely underestimated and treasured gift!

That’s why I love to visit town centres, as this is how I choose to ‘switch off’
Just myself and my camera. Here I try to blend in with the pulse of the environment, hoping all the time to further hone my ability as a street photographer.

I enjoy observing and trying to read the ever changing situations which you are presented with, often these are fleeting, then they are gone!
Situations such as these should you be fortunate enough can sometimes occur right in front of you?
Although they could equally occur behind you or above you, and all without warning. That’s where you need to train your eye and learn to apply a reasonable degree of concentration.

So with these thoughts uppermost in mind I couldn’t believe my luck when I caught sight of this wonderful old gent just sitting there… totally content. His walking stick close to hand, his bike propped up behind him, and what looked to be a very absorbing read?

I think I always feel that I missed out when it came to reading. I will though admit to having a limited attention span, which means that I do find it hard to get my head into a book and concentrate?

I always think that people who have mastered this ability have a kind of way about them. A way that that seems to allow them to ‘check out’ at any given time from their reality, and to effortlessly transport themselves away to somewhere else?
Somewhere far more exciting, spent with characters who are as real to them as this gentleman was to me the day I stood and captured this shot?

‘One Bike, One Bench, One Book… perhaps my friend that will be me … One day?’

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