You know how it is? You’re walking through your local shopping centre and in the distance you here a voice accompanied by guitar.

It’s a song you know well? In your head you are humming the tune and quietly lip synching the chorus!

In this instance the words went something like;
“Today is gonna be the day that they’re gonna throw it back to you, By now you should’ve somehow realised what you gotta do, I don’t believe that anybody feels the way I do, about you know” The Oasis – Wonderwall Lyrics.

Music can take you back to a time in your life that was so wonderfully memorable, that it never ever fails to make you smile…A time when you believed you were the happiest you had ever been?

But in contrast music can equally stir and awaken very powerful emotions previously held deep within your psyche? Emotions which you had believed had been long buried and since forgotten.

Most of us can virtually trace our whole lives through the medium of music… On a personal note I have actually been a ‘Busker’ and It is hard work, believe me!

I have also played in a busy town Centre not dissimilar to the one here. I admit that I didn’t make a lot of money, but boy did I learn a lot about myself?

Music was a massive part of my life and I sang in groups, in duos and I even did some ‘risque’ cabaret work in and around my local area. But the least said about that the better I think!
My claim to fame though was that I once had the privilege to sing on the same stage as Julie Covington and also Tome Paxton. Now you might not know who these people are of course? But trust me, back then, it was a big deal for me!

Both of these iconic singers were the top billing guest artists at a folk club which we helped start up at what was then the ‘Centre Hotel’ in Portsmouth.

Memories… see!! Now that’s what music will do for you…every time!

I’m going to let you into a secret now. I actually met my wife in a venue at which I was playing my guitar and singing one of my own songs as I recall?
We now have two brilliant grown up children and four amazing grand children. Proof were it needed that music changes lives!

Thinking about it…Back in the day you know, I might have been considered to have been quite a good entertainer?
Well. It is possible you know!

Back then I sang in a duo with a guy called Larry Law who remains one of my closest friends to this day.
We named ourselves ‘Elbow’ This was purely because I loved Elvis Presley songs and he was a big fan of David Bowie.
Okay okay, not wonderfully imaginative I admit, but at the time; oh at the time! It was a name that definitely seemed to work for us. We even got a centre page feature in our local Evening News. Now you can’t get much more famous than that can you?

Whatever it was that happened then, music and I had the most fantastic times. I am blessed to still have close contact and to maintain friendships with many people who regularly attended our gigs when we were performing together.

So with these fond memories in mind I placed some some coins into this guys cap on the pavement in front of him, and I smiled knowingly and acknowledged his performance.
Walking away I couldn’t help but hope that he has half as much fun as I had. There is something very special about busking.
Just yourself and your guitar.

I have never forgotten how purchasing an instrument and then learning some basic chords altered the course of my life forever!

“Keep Music Live!”

4 thoughts on “‘Busking’

  1. Great photo, Bob, and an even better write-up! It took me back as well. These days I teach piano and organ, and am proud that my pupils fill most keyboard roles in the town’s restaurants (the ones that have them). And I often spy one or two busking outside the supermarkets on a busy Saturday. Probably a little bit more “classical” than the busker here though – although probably not as good as Elbow!

    • You remain a ‘Breath of fresh air’ through your kind and welcomed comments. Thank you very much and it heartens me that the theme in my writing resonated with you?
      Good of you to visit

    • How brilliant is that! I shall most definitely be visiting!
      Thank you very much for your kind comments. I really am pleased that you took time to visit.
      Please do come back again soon?
      Take care my fried

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