‘Static Display’

'Static Display'

I was walking along he various levels at the Drake centre in Plymouth recently when I stopped to observe the movement of the many shoppers beneath me.

Initially these aluminium tables were laid bare and people simply moved around them.
I recall thinking then, this in itself might make an interesting photograph?

But as anyone who takes photographs will know, within seconds of my deliberations the scene beneath me had suddenly changed.

However I remained at my vantage point a little longer, still enjoying the contrast of the stillness of the tables and the movement of the shoppers.
I liked the way which the ceiling lighting could be seen reflected in the marble flooring, and in particular the etched lines and their positioning; all of which I found intriguing.

Now the ‘Drake Centre’ is a relatively modern somewhat up market shopping mall, and it is not in truth short of seating!
However, someone had obviously booked this particular space in order to set up a static display of some kind, but then for what ever reason, had been unable to get to the venue on time.

Nevertheless, people being people obviously felt that it would have been a shame not to utilise this vacant lot?
As I continued to watch the scene unfold from my aerial perspective, I noted that one of the first shoppers to take advantage of a ‘sit down’ was the guy on the top right of frame sat reading the paper.

Seeing no challenge being made by the security staff to this invasion of space, he was then preceded by the elderly silver haired lady at the bottom right of shot, who looked very relieved at being able to put down her heavy shopping bags, and to take the weight off her feet?

With two corners now taken and only limited space remaining, the last to join the party was this father and his three daughters, all of whom had decided that this might be the ideal spot to share and view their recent purchases from Primark?

I guess I could have taken the escalator down to the ground floor and taken up residence on the one remaining corner? But then I might have missed this photograph emerging before my eyes and not had the satisfaction of the final capture!

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