As a keen photographer I am constantly on the look out for memorable images!

Well, on a recent visit to the West Country I spent the day exploring Torquay; or the ‘English Riviera’ as it is often referred.

With camera poised I fortuitously crossed paths with what I can only describe as a striking individual!

I was so struck by her image; her manner of dress, and the almost luminous quality of her wonderful shoulder length pure white hair.
In fact, everything about this woman, just seemed to scream style and character to me!

Now there are some people whom we connect with in life and who have the ability to leave a lasting impression upon us?
Well for me, this lady was such a person.

There was undoubtedly something of the ‘Hippy’ about her, and she looked like she had lived her life; and had worked through many struggles. A strong compassionate person, but with a kind heart?

She was in no way an ‘Emmit’ (Cornish dialect for a tourist or holiday maker)

Oh no… most definitely not!

No… this lady belonged here, and I should imagine she was very well known to the people of Torquay.

I love it when people look comfortable within themselves and are able to create an appearance which seems to truly reflect their nature and personality.

I could imagine this person in a movie maybe cast in the part of a recluse. One who resides out of town and maybe in a cabin up in the hills?
A gentle soul who lives alone but shares her life with animals whom people have gifted her? Creatures which she is able to heal and communicate to with effortlessly.
There is a spiritual dimension to her also.

I would have loved to have spoken with her, and to maybe find out a little more about her life.

I do however have this photograph, and it is indeed exactly as I had visualised her that day.

I really liked the big white billowing clouds overhead. Somehow they seemed to offer the perfect back drop and give this capture an almost film set quality, as your eyes are drawn ever closer into the face this mysterious stranger striding purposefully on.

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