‘Rain doesn’t stop play’

Was woken up this morning to the loud rumble of thunder followed by lightning flashes which fully lit the bedroom.
Yes, the weather has most definitely changed for the worse.

Anyway, now that I was well and truly wide awake I decided immediately that a cup of tea would suit me just fine.

And it was with some concern I also felt I should check on our cat who is slightly barmy, and whom I expected to see clinging from the lounge ceiling shaking violently!

However I was pleased to report that he was absolutely fine.

Arriving downstairs he was initially languishing on his sofa blanket and merely yawned and stretched himself out baring his teeth and flashing his talons; before licking his mouth and returning into snooze mode…content!

I remained downstairs and stood looking out of the patio window watching the storm pass over-head and go noisily on its way.

The rest of the day was spent indoors just doing stuff around the house, and it was here we decided to remain!
Normally we would be out somewhere, visiting friends or even an Antique Fair if there were any organised.

I like the Romsey Market as they seem to be out all weathers. These market stall holders are definitely made of sterner stuff! As whenever I have had occassion to visit it seems that despite rain and wind, they always seem upbeat, their stalls open for business.
As indeed the sign in this photograph clearly points out!

However had there been a Market day today then I wonder if this would have still been the case.

Because shock horror!

Up it came on the local news today that just a few miles up the road from here highway teams were clearing up debris across Hayling Island.

After; and I quote: A small ‘Tornado’ had swept through the area causing damage to about 100 homes!

I nearly choked on my cuppa.

Apparently Police had received calls about damaged vehicles, power lines, and beach huts.
Even homes over the water from us in Gosport, had also suffered damage.

Happily though there was no Market at Romsey this morning.

For if indeed there had been. Then this could so easily have changed locations?

And through no choice of its own you understand?

“Oh by the way. I am pleased to hear that there were no injuries to anyone after this unique small tornado experience.”

“And therefore I am pleased to be able to announce to you all, that no people or animals were hurt during the making of this blog”

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