‘Fire Fairies’

'Fire Fairies'

Here is my colour photographic contribution for this miserable Monday. Well it’s miserable here at least.

I have titled this image ‘Fire Fairies’ this is because I know for sure that these infamous little spirits truly do exist?

And that was how I had concluded our fairy story which I had just quietly narrated for my two totally adorable grand children (Okay I accept, am biased!) whilst we sat around our ‘Fire Pit’ with their big brother almost spell bound.

Before this shot I had just said to them both, and rather convincingly if I may say so; that were they to sit as quietly as they could and if they were to watch very very closely, then they might be really lucky and actually catch a glimpse of some of these beautiful little fire fairies dancing around together inside the flames?

Should you actually own a ‘Fire Pit’ then it could well be that you have already seen one of these little beings, but just failed to recognise it at the time?
For wherever there is fire or smoke or sparks…It is then that they can be seen. And often very distinct in form, and much closer to us than we ever realised.

These are some of the oldest known of the fairies in existence and originated from burned out stars and from huge volcanic eruptions which have occurred throughout our planet. Now volcanic eruptions are without doubt these little fairies most absolute and totally favourite thing.

Inside these volcanoes there is nothing they adore more than to plummet deep inside or to slide in the hot flowing lava, on down through into the deep lava tunnels and beyond.

However, it would be remiss of me if I were not to include for you all a cautionary note!

And one which in conclusion I tried to ensure was made crystal clear to both girls and indeed their big brother.

And that was:

That they never ever play with Fire!

Because it is within fire that these Fairies can become very mischievous and unpredictable in their actions.

I explained that Fire Fairies do not play the same as human children do, and although they never usually intend to be naughty or to harm anything or anyone; they can easily put us in real danger before we even realise what is happening!

We must all learn to respect fire… Always.

That is why at the commencement of our evening around the fire pit, we all joined hands and we asked the fire fairies to help us prepare our fire pit. And more importantly to keep us all safe that night. And of course…they did just that!

So next time you are having a ‘fire night’ don’t you forget to speak nicely with those fine fire fairy folk.

You might be pleasantly surprised!

6 thoughts on “‘Fire Fairies’

    • Hello there. Yes our weather is miserable… But as you very kindly pointed out, my grand daughters are indeed beautiful. We are blessed! Thanks for taking the trouble to comment my friend. Hope you’re ok? Bob

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