‘Oh we do like to be beside the seaside’

'Oh we do like to be beside the seaside'I always feel so sorry for young families with their first child in tow, and who are often strapped for cash.

They save up so hard and make many sacrifices to get themselves a reasonable little B&B at the seaside for a few days away.

Then having satisfied their hunger with their first full English and made sure that junior was also okay, they load up the push-chair with sufficient spare nappies snacks and drinks, and they head off excitedly down the street to take in some of the sights on offer?

But as sure as eggs are eggs our great British weather being true to form quickly beats them into submission with it’s gusting winds and relentless rain!

On this particular visit to The West Country I had just enjoyed a pint of ale in the local bar. Then as I was leaving, this little family appeared in front of me. It looked to all intents and purposes that they were reviewing their cash flow situation? Perhaps considering whether a coffee and lardy cake would be considered a bit too extravagant?

Yet there’s something really satisfying about walking out of the rain and into the welcoming atmosphere of a warm seaside cafe. And if you’re very lucky you manage to secure yourselves a window seat.

Then ordering a piping hot drink each you both wrap your fingers warmly around your cup and swallow down contentedly. Returning your cups to the table you both rub away some of the condensation from the window pane and stare out together at the other members of the public who are now darting for cover whilst others wrestle with their wind blown umbrellas!

So although I had felt some concerns for this couple and their child they all seemed completely resilient to the weather issue and they were all smiles as I went on my way.

You see, what was actually important to them both on this long awaited holiday, was not being caught in a cold and miserable downpour, but the simple joy of all being their together and the firm belief that tomorrow was another day. Good luck to them I say!

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…Come rain or shine!

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