‘Hat Trick’

'Hat Trick'

Watched these two young brothers today in Romsey.

They had obviously ridden their bikes into the town, done a bit of shopping, and just left the local cafe where they had grabbed some lunch.

What I liked was that the older boy conscientiously took time looking after his younger bro, making sure whilst they both had fun, that he had zipped his jacket up properly and most importantly he was wearing his cycle safety helmet correctly.

Trouble was they appeared to have somehow managed to aquire a spare helmet. This as it turned out belonged to their little friend who was yet to join them both.

So in the interim and to kill some time, they had decided that it might look a bit fetching if this extra helmet were placed on top of the one already secured on the head of the younger brother.

They tried to achieve this for ages, but the helmet would simply not stay in place. So despite their best efforts it just was not to be!

However, the local hot baked potato seller alongside the boys found their failed attempts all very amusing… as indeed did I!

Eventually the third little lad did return but he did so as they were still endeavouring to get this helmet to stay in place!
So sadly the ‘Hat Trick’ joke these two brothers had tried so hard to plan…fell flat.

Unperturbed the three still found time to laugh as they all climbed onto their bikes and carefully headed off home through the town centre.

It’s good to know that even unsupervised, the older boy made a point of ensuring both of the younger ones helmets were safe and secure before they all left.

Kids are brilliant aren’t they!

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