‘Here they come Dad!’

' Spent the whole morning up until lunchtime in fact, enjoying the build up to our 24th ‘Great South Run’ here in Portsmouth and Southsea.

I had arrived nice and early having actually forgotten that the clocks went back this morning!

The organisers had done a truly great job (as always) and there was everything you could have hoped for. This included places to get hot and cold food or tea and coffee. There were stalls offering free rehydration drinks and free water. There were advisors on hand from health promoters to sports and fitness instructors. But maybe the most important and vital resource was without doubt the porta-loos!

For me it was so fascinating today to see the initial empty road between the start an finish lines there become steadily more busy with the arrival of the thousands of runners turning up in their hoards dressed in a variety of amazing outfits.

These ranged from giraffes ginger bread men, Batman and Robin, Power Rangers, wasps and bees, fairies and firemen…and even four runners carrying a life size horse suspended in a shoulder frame around the full 10 mile course?

I grabbed a morning coffee and quickly set off to grab a few shots which I hope to put up as a slide show on the blog tomorrow?

Hopefully these should give any of you lovely bloggers who might be interested out there; a taste and flavour of the whole atmosphere created?

There were famous elite women runners, famous elite men runners, there were television soap stars, television presenters sports personalities all being interviewed.
They even provided a guy to warm up each section of runners just prior to them being released at a staggered pace to join the main race.

These brilliant people running today had collected thousands and thousands of pounds through hard sponsorship all of which they gave proudly to their own nominated and well deserving charity.

Unbelievably the weather held up yet again although the helicopter hovering above the thousands assembled there did seem to struggle a bit on occasions with the very strong west north westerly breezes.

All of the Emergency Services were represented here and as with everyone else involved in the organisation of this event did a absolutely superb job!

So as the tail-end runners joined the throng I decided to make my exit.
Luckily for me though as I crossed the route I even managed to get the opportunity to see the elite women and men who were at this time returning toward the finish line!
Fit or what?

Access to take photographs there was also really good.
However, there was no-one there today who would have had a better view than this little chap in my photograph.
He was standing waiting patiently for the front runners to appear and then shouted loudly ‘Here they come Dad!’
Shortly after which both his father and the rest of his family came and joined him at the bay window for their birds eye view of this fantastic event.

Well done to all those who took part and well done Portsmouth!

2 thoughts on “‘Here they come Dad!’

    • Hello Eric That is very kind of you to say. I shall be happy to put a selection of the others I had taken on the blog tomorrow. That’s unless the predicted storm messes up the internet?? Hope that you are well my friend? Bob

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