‘Bad Hair Day’

'Bad Hair Day'

Had to save this little capture until today as I hoped that it might give you a smile?

It was a shot which I happened to capture whilst I was looking for a decent vantage point so that I might try to get a representative shot of the runners on ‘The Great South Run’ on Sunday.

After climbing up steps sliding down embankments and finally negotiating a rope boundary line strategically placed there by one of the many sound engineers. I duly arrived at what seemed a prime position where I might possibly be able to take some exclusive images?

Feeling a little smug I cautiously sidled up as close as possible to the wall whilst being gently buffered by the wind!! “YES!” I thought to myself, “I am at last satisfyingly close to the race action.”

So scanning the territory beneath me; I commenced connecting up my camera onto it’s tripod.

When suddenly…this lady suddenly arrives on my right hand side. Making no conversation at all, she brazenly stands there completely blocking my hard fought line of vision!

Worse still though she leans down and scoops up this little hairy dog and proceeds to plonk him directly on top of the wall in front of her. This serving perfectly to hinder my now extremely limited view… even further!

I turn and look her in the eye in an effort to register my complete feeling of disbelief! But being the gentleman that I am; I thought twice, and not wishing to upset or offend her at all I patiently knelt down and casually removed the camera from it’s tripod reverting instead to some hand held shots in preference.

Therefore this fine creature in the resulting photograph you see before you all today, is the view which graced my view finder every time I had lined up my camera hoping to capture any half decent images!

“A bad day for me then, but a bad hair day if ever there were one for my little friend…Maybe you might concur?”

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