‘Shady Characters?’

'Shady Characters?'

I took this image because it was one which I felt that the two people in shot; both of whom are wearing sunglasses, made their reaction to my photographic intrusion somewhat difficult to gauge?

I have titled this latest contribution ‘Shady Characters?’
Not because I believed that they were as such; but more a reference to what they’re wearing?

Psychologically the wearing of sunglasses can make a person feel like there is a barrier between themselves and the person standing in their line of vision?

Of course sunglasses are worn for many reasons; although personally I still believe that our eyes play a massively important part in the whole art of effective communication!
furthermore, people generally feel more relaxed and definitely less intimidated when these are removed.

Have you ever felt at a disadvantage when say a Police Officer approaches you, and is wearing dark sunglasses? Whereas you unfortunately are not?

Situations where figures in authority come into play can so easily put people on the back foot; as they frequently report feeling intimidated and unclear about what it is they are being asked.

They will tell you that they can generally understand instructions more clearly and respond in a more favourable manner if being questioned by someone who is ‘not’ wearing sunglasses.

Whatever your own thoughts on this, I just hope that these good people in shot were in no way offended by me taking their photograph?

In truth I thought that they both looked very mysterious, and really rather intriguing.

There was definitely something of the secret service about them…Well I thought so anyway?

I felt like wandering over and saying something inane like…

“The Angel flies South for the winter”

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