Had to pop into town today and was pleasantly surprised to see that so many people had made the effort to celebrate ‘Halloween’

I took a few snaps for fun but felt that the ones I have put on the blog, were the ones which I believed were the best of the bunch?

The first two photographs are of a wonderful lady called Lisa who is a member of staff at the Matalan store here in Portsmouth. I first spotted her at the counter where she was busily helping the many shoppers present with their purchases.

In fairness the staff had all made an effort in the shop to dress up today, but it was Lisa who just stood out. The attention to detail of her make up; and the fact that it must have taken her some considerable time and effort was commendable. I did ask her how long this accomplishment had taken and was informed it had been a two hour mission before even getting into work today.

I honestly thought that she looked incredible! Were there a prize for the best and most lifelike costume and make up today; from any of the shops in Commercial Road…then in my opinion Lisa should have won it hands down! Just a brilliant effort.

I would imagine when work was over today especially now the dark nights are drawing in. Any unassuming motorist unfortunate enough to pull up alongside her vehicle this Halloween eve, may well have gone slightly apoplectic at the sight of this ghoulish apparition sitting at the driving wheel opposite them?

I have promised that I shall send her a copy of my blog photographs and she seemed very pleased about this… (in a dark sinister skeletal sort of way you understand?

And finally when as we were driving back to my daughters house we spotted this invisible man walking casually into town suited and booted. Personally I don’t understand what people see in him?

Anyway…Can I take this opportunity to wish a Happy Halloween to everyone out there in the ‘Blogasphere’

We are now off to visit three of our grand children who will be ‘Trick or Treating’ After which we are promised a big bowl of home made soup served with Hot Dogs in their rolls with lashings of onion; delicious delicious; just delicious!

We have already visited our youngest grand child earlier today. He and his mother answered the door to us. Beau was somewhat appropriately dressed as a ‘little devil’ His mother informed us that he had been perfecting this new persona with gusto, just prior to our arrival! Kids eh?

Now all that remains is for me to practice and perfect my genuinely terrified look en-route to my sons. Have fun tonight everyone, what ever it is you are doing my friends.

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