‘The Gathering’

'The Gathering'

I don’t tend to get down to Commercial road all that often these days; but when I do, I love to people watch here. More so in fact than many places; mainly because it never fails to offer up the best that Portsmouth has to offer in terms of it’s characters.

It’s down here that everyone tends to meet up and spend their day checking out the many shops and market stalls.

A lot of the local youngsters arrange to meet up down here in the town many of whom spend their day just ‘hanging out’ or sharing some some food and drink together.

In my opinion there is a distinctly different feel to each of our town centres here in Portsmouth, and Commercial Road is no different.
For me it always creates its own kind of vibe. This can range from happy and easy going through to certain days when it holds you in a kind of unpredictable tension?
But one thing I will say for a visit down here…it is never dull!

Wherever you look down here, there is always something going on. It has loads of shops, a busy indoor mall where you can get in out of the weather, or just take a stroll through; and which gives shoppers full access to the larger stores, only from a slightly different perspective.

There are buskers and market stalls towards the top of the town and a range of car parking facilities. It is here that the train station is situated; making it very accessible. The local park is here, so loads of young families congregate and enjoy the facilities.
There is even a large aviary a park pond and a kiddies section where parents can grab a drink and a snack whilst their kids play safely.

Commercial Road always seems ‘hectic’ to me; and I think shoppers really do seem to enjoy the eclectic variety it has to offer?

I liked this small gathering which I snapped whilst down there, as it shows the fact that despite there being plenty of seats available; most young people will inevitably prefer to make their own choice as to where they want to sit or to stand.

They all seemed much happier on top of the wall? As it was from here that they could chat and at the same time be able to almost fully survey their town from virtually every angle.

This was ‘their’ meeting place!

And for some unexplained reason, they all looked like they belonged there?

Now I know some people can get a bit stuffy when the youngsters make these choices and seem to ignore the seating provided? Choosing instead to do their own thing!
If they are a nuisance then fine I can understand this concern.
But these kids weren’t doing anybody any harm up there.

Having grabbed my photograph I walked off. I turned back further on to see them greeting several other mates who had obviously just arrived in the town?

Jumping down off their wall they then all began to walk off together.
Some hugging, some pushing each other for the craic…Most were laughing whilst others had the obligatory headphones in situ. But virtually all of this now slightly larger ‘Gathering’ were doing something which related to the use of a mobile phone.

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