‘Don’t Cry’

'Don't Cry'

You know how it is when little ones get upset?

Initially they seem inconsolable. Well it proved no different for this little girl who had got herself into such a sorry state that her mum had to work hard to console her.
She immediately got down to her daughters level and allowed her tears to flood into the fabric on the shoulder of the thick duffel coat which she was wearing at the time.

Of course it is essential that kids are encouraged to express there sadness and disappointment. Often as grown ups we are alarmed at the levels of upset they can express, and often for no immediately apparent reason?

So we hug them close we pat and rub their backs, we cradle their little heads in our hands; and quietly and reassuringly we whisper in their ear our soothing words of comfort.
We say things like; “Shoosh now it’s okay… it’s okay; come on now sweetheart there’s no need for all those tears now is there?”

This alone will usually do the trick and more often than not, tears slowly begin to subside replaced by tiny intermittent sharp breaths or unintelligible words then some harsh coughs and splutters and of course the obligatory runny nose!

If you are really lucky you can sometimes get a smile out of them and after a promise of a little treat they are virtually back their happy laughing little selves again.

The reason that this little girl was in tears it transpires was that their was a particularly spectacular pink balloon on sale in Chichester, and one which she had excitedly pointed out to her mum.
However as both herself and her mother neared the front of the queue; another little girl who had also taken a shine to it, quickly snapped it up!

Complete meltdown commenced very shortly afterwards!

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