I was over at Southbourne visiting my dear old Mum today.

On my arrival however she was having a bit of a sleep and so the staff there kindly offered to make me a coffee; even supplying me with a plate of biscuits.

The staff here are all great; and I am probably spoilt on my visits if i’m honest with you?

But I always appreciate what they do for me and try to remember their kindness each Christmas.

Anyway, I needed to phone to my sister and so opted to sit outside on the balcony which overlooks their walled garden area.

I like to sit out there and sometimes read my paper when I get the chance that is. It’s a nice place in the summer, particularly for those residents who are able to get out and enjoy this well established facility.

Basically it’s quiet and secluded, and apart from the melodic sounds of birdsong…really peaceful.

I had the camera with me and decided to check out the lens on it, to see just how powerful it was.
So pointing it directly in front of me and scanning through it’s viewfinder I picked up this church spire in the far distance.
I steadied the camera by placing my elbow on the garden table top, and began to fire off a few shots.

I didn’t really think any more about it after that and instead I just enjoyed the surroundings, having already made my phone call whilst lazily dunking my bourbons into my coffee.

Then returning my cup and ’empty’ biscuit plate to the kitchen area I then spent some time chatting to my mum who was by this time suitably rested.

Once I arrived back home however, I decided to review my photographic efforts and maybe do a bit of quick editing.

In the end I chose this image and titled it ‘Inspireing” because to me at least this church spire photographed earlier had almost taken on a facial identity all of it’s own?

Quite an amusing end result I thought!

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