‘Dear Mum’

'Dear Mum'

Some couples really do make you smile don’t they?

I first saw these two good people walking hand in hand together directly opposite me on the seafront when suddenly they both stop dead in their tracks!

It was almost as if a light bulb moment had occurred! An epiphany even?

The lady then proceeded to perch herself elegantly on top of this freshly sawn tree stump, a casualty of the recent high winds we have experienced of late.
That’s the tree stump I am referring to you understand?…Not the Lady!

I continued to observe with interest as her partner then commenced to rummage around in his back- pack eventually removing a pen and paper before then commencing to write down something which was obviously of great importance. It almost seemed like this was a regular occurrence and one in which they were both well practiced?

I must admit to you I too have politely asked my better half on occasions if I might be permitted to lean on her back in order that I might jot something down.
However, this would have literally been for a fleeting moment, and not for the period of time this gentleman appeared to take!
This was no note…This was a full blown letter I would have thought?

You could just imagine it couldn’t you!

Dear Mum, Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know we have arrived safely and although the weather is not that good today, we are both having a great time.
Portsmouth is a lovely city and everybody seems so friendly.
So much so that there is a gentleman opposite us as I write you and he is taking our photograph?
I think he might be under the misapprehension that we are local celebrities or something? It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened I can tell you. etc etc

Meanwhile his partner remains patiently seated waiting for him to complete this decidedly lengthy correspondence.

Of course I am almost sure that this analogy was a complete misinterpretation of the actual event you see captured above…But nevertheless, it certainly made for an interesting capture; and it was good to see that even in this hi-tech world we all reside in that there are still some who actually relish reverting back to the basics for once?

In my opinion you just can’t beat the written word. And even now I always feel that there’s something truly special about receiving a letter addressed to you personally through the letter box?.

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