‘Heavy Downpours Expected’

'Heavy Downpours Expected'

Well safe to say that the weather for us all here in Sunny Portsmouth and Southsea has taken a decidedly noticeable change for the worse.

Equally, I am only too aware that the weather as a topic is all too often viewed as the mainstay in terms of conversation for us Brits. Nevertheless; it is quite depressing to have to finally put away your trusty old well worn flip flops and baggy shorts in preference for those heavy duty winter boots and waterproof jackets etc.

Strangely I always keep an umbrella in my car? Although I am not quite sure exactly when or why I decided to adopt this practice; I just do!

Actually though, on reflection I think it got used once last year. That was by my sister in law who was on a visit here from Vancouver?

Other than that though it remains tightly velcro’d and hidden in my car boot.

In contrast to todays ‘heavy downpours expected’ forecast, yesterday proved a superb day and thankfully the sun shone for all the brilliantly organised and very well supported Remembrance day services; held throughout the County of Hampshire.

Basically what I am trying to say is that you simply cannot rely on the weather; or even the weather forecasts for that matter!

These in my experience are seldom accurate. I even went to the trouble of downloading several phone apps including the live satellite version. But alas these also offer false hope to the masses.

And so my mans umbrella ‘ella – ella’ has remained where it normally resides. And because I can no longer fully rely on the one day, let alone the five day predictive forecasts; then I continue to get rained upon. Heavily!
And more often than not… from a great height!

So; not being the sort of person who would ordinarily be given to feelings of surprise when people do get caught in one of these unwelcome and sudden downpours, I am never wholly alarmed to note that blokes in particular seem to have forgotten or simply don’t see the need for this essential item of urban survival?

Most women though and indeed some guys for that matter; are usually the complete opposite.
Let me elude to my sister in law’s case here as an example?
With Carol if the rainfall levels predicted meant that she might experience a hair crisis then she would prefer not to even get out of the car, despite being armed with my trusty umbrella.
Rain and wind are without doubt the enemy of all those who take a pride in their well groomed and pristine barnets!

Regarding the rather attractive young lady captured in todays photograph though, she had quite unnecessarily I felt; decided to adopt a rather extreme deterrent from the afore mentioned downpours!

And instead of just the one umbrella today; she had opted for two!

She did however maintain her stunning appearance…and this technique meant that she remained reassuringly undaunted by the rain!

10 thoughts on “‘Heavy Downpours Expected’

  1. A great posting as always. But does that woman with the pushchair, in the distraction of the rain, realise she has mislaid her baby?

  2. Ugh. The scene you’ve nicely captured reminds me of my years in Seattle with near-constant precipitation. Not my liking yet to each their own. Explains why I relocated to the High Desert of New Mexico. Warm and dry is nice. 🙂 Thanks, Bob!

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