‘Designer Dog’

'Designer Dog'

Palmerston Road and I spot this lady walking with her dog. Now when I say walking her dog; what I actually mean was that she was walking rather elegantly with the lead held waist height in front of her, whilst the dog pranced and danced in front of her.

It was reminiscent of a miniature show pony in it’s actions; and at times it balanced on it’s hind legs whilst it waved both of its front paws in unison at anyone whose body language indicated even the slightest hint of interest.

I am aware that these smaller breeds are indeed very popular with certain lady’s and that it is seen as being very much ‘In Vogue’ to own the said pampered pooch which one might either carry around in a designer bag suspended around ones shoulder; or alternatively to secure in the crook of your arm where it can be kissed and caressed at will. Mostly though they are kept immaculately clean and laboriously well groomed and can even be seen wearing the latest must have diamonte studded collar and fitted jacket. Their job is quite simply to permanently be looking cute and cuddly.
In fairness this was quite a nice little pooch as it happens, and drew attention from a wide variety of shoppers; all of whom without prompting gave it the Aw Factor!

Eventually though, having spread the love throughout Palmerston Road, both the owner and the little dog in question left their public to settle down for a generous glass of ‘pinot noir’ and to spend some further quality time together.

Initially when on their side of the road and heading towards them I was somewhat surprised to notice a couple of guys who had recently left the local pub and decided that it was absolutely essential they stop and talk to the little pooch and to share their joy at having enjoyed it’s company?

They both alighted from the pub then stopped then stared in the direction of this mystery lady. Then clumsily deviating from their planned route they individually casually targeted the pair.
The dog was then stroked with care and affection as they smiled making a point of emphasising just how cute they both felt the little dog really was?

Now call me an old cynic; but it was my belief that neither of these guys were even remotely interested in this lady’s little designer pup. I think that their true interest somehow lay elsewhere?
Even the dog itself was not convinced; as it remained asleep throughout all this sudden and unwelcome fuss suddenly being heaped upon it.

The fact that the woman was of eastern european persuasion, had a captivating accent; was blonde with stunning blue eyes, had those very attractive high cheek bones and a figure which could turn heads was of absolutely no consequence whatsoever!

I personally didn’t even notice her that day! It was that adorable little chap on her knee who truly stole my heart!
(Yeah Right!)

2 thoughts on “‘Designer Dog’

    • I think she felt somewhat at a disadvantage… A cat might indeed have been advantageous. It would certainly have woken the dog up if nothing else! Many thanks for your kind comments which I always appreciate from you Bob

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