‘Shapes in the shadows’

'Shapes in the shadows'

Wow today was pretty cold down at Gunwharf Quays! I even needed to purchase extra coffee, just to try and maintain a degree of warmth in these increasing cold snaps.

It was a leisurely pace which I had decided to adopt today and having looked recently at some of the fascinating and inspirational images produced by my fellow bloggers out there; I decided to go for a kind of abstract capture which is hopefully depicted in the photograph you see before you?

Yes I braved the elements and strolled about, with my camera at the ready, then taking the stairway up one floor I took a sneaky peek over the top, where I observed this particular restaurant; which as you will see at the time of this shot being taken, still with their tables and chairs stacked and positioned.

I just found the shapes and the shadows created most interesting, and that once again viewing the scene from above added; seemed to add its appeal?

Lucky for me though instead of needing to find yet another coffee to warm myself up; my mobile rang and it was my boy who needed a lift from the garage where a car we are selling was having its MOT.

Now of course that is of absolutely no interest whatsoever to any of you out there in the good old blogosphere!

However, it was of interest to me inasmuch as it got me out of the cold. As I left the car park at Gunwharf and headed off to get my boy, I pushed up the heater controls to max, whacked up the volume on my favourite James Taylor CD and felt mildly pleased to have managed a shot I could include for my Thursday contribution.

14 thoughts on “‘Shapes in the shadows’

      • Thank you, Bob. I’m almost well. And will be better. You know your photos are so very good. They have a special something. They say you care; it’s not just an intellectual exercise. You do capture the moment and that’s what I especially admire in your work. Also there always seems to be a story; sometimes spoken; sometimes not.

      • You are really kind. Thank you again my friend. Hope that you are feeling better you sound like you haven’t been feeling too good lately? I hope that is not the case? If so please get well soon Kind Regards Bob

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