‘Held Captive’

'Held Captive'

This was a shot which I took whilst I was left in charge to look after our little grandson ‘Beau’ who is, as most 18 month old boys usually are…a bit of a character!

His Nan was busy in the shops and so we were left for a half hour very much to our own devices. “Watch him Bob” I was reminded “Don’t let him wander off will you now?”

Well I happened to know that our Beau is into railway trains, and so I thought it would be a good idea to walk him over to the place in the car park where he could get to see them up close as they were arriving and departing!

It was really nothing that special; but to our Beau it was a real treat and he was mesmerised standing frozen to the spot and pointing and squealing as the trains arrived and departed at regular intervals.
He seemed to delight in waving at the people inside the carriages. Considerately, some passengers if they had spotted him, would wave back. All pointing and laughing.

Consequently our half hour together went quite quickly as a result of him being fully entertained, and he remained there fixed to this spot in which you can see him standing above.

We did momentarily chase a pigeon at one point but the motivation for this pursuit changed immediately as the next train pulled into Portsmouth and Southsea station.

It admit it took a fair bit of persuasion to eventually move him away from this vantage point despite bribes and promises.

However, he did eventually though decide that he was a bit thirsty and a tempting bottle of juice made by his nan, did then win him over.

Back at home I downloaded the images I had taken and this particular image was the one that made me think blimey…this photo makes it look like his grand-dad had held him captive for that half hour? Instead of entertaining him as I had promised?

Firstly that black and white striped suit which his mum had selected for him to wear that day suddenly had taken on a remarkable similarity to prison clothing?
Then the look of longing in his little face! Those tiny little fingers clinging to the chain fence surround.
How on earth would I explain it? After all, they do say that the camera never lies!

So I would like to conclude by reassuring anyone viewing this (particularly my lovely daughter) that it’s not what it looks like.

I did watch out for him…I really did honestly!
And I promise you that he was completely free to roam about; whenever the desire took him.

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