‘Sign of the times’

'Sign of the times'

The world population is currently growing at a rate of around 1.14% per year.
And according to the highest estimate; population may rise to 16 billion by 2100.

With that thought in mind; I was leaving the Portsmouth Dockyard protest meeting recently and cut through the railway station heading towards the car park.
It was then I noted this sign post which someone had chalked up on the brick wall, and which basically made me stop and reflect as to exactly whom the person was who had created this?
Moreover if they indeed really were of the belief that in a world of 7 billion; there was actually nobody who cared?

Well personally I couldn’t agree with this statement; and personally know many people who would most definitely feel the same way as I do.
I am constantly delighted to read and to hear about incredibly caring individuals who do a sterling job in their communities.

Yes we do have Christmas coming up and when people are in threat of losing their jobs or are presently out of work, then life can indeed feel hopeless! Resentment creeps in and money becomes a real difficult thing to balance in the average household?
It’s times such as this which can make any sane person believe that nobody does indeed care.

However if we were to scratch the surface we would soon see that there are still some amazing carers and from all walks of life who would willingly give of their time and energy to support and assist others.

I am humbled to witness people who despite their age whether they are in pain or bravely undergoing treatment for terminal illnesses still go about making life better for so many others by raising money for great causes. Truly selfless.

Today I was driving up to the car wash when on the radio it was announced that ‘Children in Need’ had beaten their previous record total after raising £31million!
That is just phenomenal…

So if you were thinking today of wallowing in the depths of despair or drawing signs on brick walls depicting the hopelessness of it all. Of getting yourself deeply depressed about all of the terrible plights and tragedy’s in this world; maybe you could look closer to home at all of the positives you share in your own life. Perhaps you might then endeavour to actually see and value these priceless blessings; which unlike many others you are still fortunate enough to be able to enjoy?

This belief that nobody cares is simply NOT true!

We should all treasure life and be thankful for each other and for every day. They say that no one person can bring about change? Well I think that they actually can.

However you decide to act today will make an impact on all of those around you. So smile and let people know that they are important to you, that you love them and that you truly do care about them?

And remember…”No act of kindness
however small…is ever wasted!”

6 thoughts on “‘Sign of the times’

    • Thanks Bill! I appreciate that! When you come to London should you have the time to take a short train ride, you would be most welcome to come into Portsmouth? We are out of the country until the 8th December but are around anytime after that date. No obligation whatsoever, merely an offer should you find yourselves at a loose end? Kind regards Bob

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