‘Captions please’

'Captions please'

Now you see some strange things when you are out and about with your camera.

Take this shot for instance? It’s one of those images where you would feel the need to ask your audience for captions!

I have absolutely no idea exactly what this young guy was doing in this squat position whilst brandishing an unfurled umbrella?
But his mates and at least one of the young girls walking behind him; all seemed equally perplexed.
One can only surmise that one minute these four friends were held in deep conversation when for some as yet unexplained reason; one of them simply disappears from sight!
“What on earth was he doing do you think?” “Where does the brolly fit in?”
(No wait just a minute!…Maybe you shouldn’t answer that)

I think it best I just leave the photograph for you to judge. Maybe you might decide to offer up your own best caption?

Have to leave it there I’m afraid; as the Scotland rugby match is about to commence up in Murrayfield.
This is a BIG GAME for the boys today!
Now then where’s my lucky Scotland rugby shirt? And where did I secrete that bottle of single malt?

4 thoughts on “‘Captions please’

  1. What’s a short word beginning with S and ending in T, and it looks like this. Why! It’s SQUAT of course.

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