‘Great Attitude’

'Great Attitude'

Well here we are in Petersfield and it’s market day today.

I had originally decided to spend the morning looking for shots of architecture and things that interested me. Images slightly different from my normal street preference.

However I quickly changed tac when I saw this larger than life character heading up towards me before then disappearing into the local ‘Pound store.

Great; I thought to myself I shall try and grab a shot as he leaves hopefully?

I then stealthily positioned myself in the general direction of where he was originally walking, and sure enough out he comes; just as I had predicted.
Only he turns the opposite way and heads back in the direction from where he had previously come?

I then decided that maybe this image was not to be. Crossing over the road I stop to talk with a street vendor. Then, as we were in discussion I glance across the street and the young guy is there, right opposite, at the ‘hole in the wall’ withdrawing some cash.

I aim the camera, focus, and SNAP! Yes, I got my shot, brilliant i’m happy.

Now the reason I felt I needed to capture this particular image to share on the blog today was firstly it’s Monday; and so it needed to be a colourful image.
But secondly it was in the hope that I might try to emphasise how much respect I had for this young fellah and his ‘in your face’ approach to a very problematic issue.

The issue for me is that although people may be of larger proportion; that should not mean that they are any less different to anyone else?

I have relatives; who through constant teasing and snide remarks now choose to stay away from the public arena, and instead stay indoors seldom ever venturing out.

Professionally I have worked with some fantastic youngsters who were bullied and victimised, purely because of their size. Wonderfully shy and caring young people who were ridiculed on social networks by a minority of cruel ignorant and un educated so called school mates.

Unfortunately for a lot of kids these days; if they look different from the perceived stereotype, then to some they become their victim!

Sadder still is that this bullying and nastiness impacts on the individual involved and can cut deeply into their psyche.

Verbal abuse hurts enough; but physical abuse is just heartless and downright cruel.

Just look at some of the videos young people post up on sights like ‘You tube’ where they will desperately try, often through anonymity to explain the pain and depression they are experiencing.

These youngsters frequently find themselves having to deal with these hugely emotional dilemmas in their troubled lives in silence; indeed without any help or support from parents or even their closest friends, who are often completely unaware. Isolated they become more and more withdrawn and utterly desperate.

Well not this guy! Loud and proud in his bright red T-Shirt emblazoned with the slogan

He couldn’t have tried harder to stand out in the crowd. Such a great attitude!
I have no idea if he was ever on the receiving end of such torment; but if he were, then all the more respect to him!

“You party on young fellah…you party on!”

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