‘Thoughts from a bus queue’

'Thoughts from a bus queue'

I took a trip over to Chichester again today it’s a place I never seem to tire of if i’m honest?

To me the town has everything.
The ambience the atmosphere, it’s cosmopolitan feel… all just add further interest for me in terms of photographic interest and opportunity.

So my normal routine is that soon after my arrival, I get to eat a hearty full English breakfast. And more often than not I always seem to manage to purloin my favourite seat right by the large floor length window.
From then on in my options are to delve into the morning papers whilst drinking Americano coffee; which incidentally is refilled free of charge at regular intervals.
Or in contrast just sit back; in the comfort of a well worn soft leather couch… and just to be still and watch.

My photograph today was snapped as I left my favourite breakfast haunt and proceeded to criss cross the town.

Viewing it on the small screen I got to wondering what might be going on in the minds of these good people in shot, all standing patiently in line?

So taking the people in the front of the queue first… I thought the wife might be thinking
‘I’ll just text my sister and let her know the bus is a bit late?”

Behind them to the couple looking decidedly fed up?
The old chap is maybe wondering “why is Chichester always so busy these days?”
whilst his wife ponders “I hope the bus driver has change I only have a twenty pound note in this purse?”

The rather tall distinguished looking chap is thinking “Oh for gods sake do hurry up I could have walked to the b*****y bus station by now!”

The younger chap who looks like he has just returned from warmer climes is thinking
“Wish i’d worn my flaming jeans now…my legs are flipping freezing!”

Whilst beyond him again the lady looking rather puzzled in her expression is saying to herself “I wish I’d bought those sandals now, they were a bargain…still it’s a bit late now. This freezer food is going to melt if that bus doesn’t get here soon!”

Then last but by no means least the lady at the very back is thinking
“Damn…I forgot my bus pass…AGAIN!”

So there you have it my friends; my interpretation entitled ‘Thoughts from a bus queue’

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