‘Strictly Street’

'Strictly Street'

Palmerston Road and I was once more out and about taking advantage of this lovely weather we are all enjoying here in UK (NOT)

Nonetheless, I found this little capture. One which really seemed to emphasise just one of the many different styles and approaches which we choose to adopt or to favour when it comes to capturing that special shot?

This crew in my photograph were here filming and interviewing local people, prior to the Dockyard protest meetings, which have been quite high profile here in Portsmouth and Southsea of late.

It appealed to me inasmuch as in street photography terms I could approach close enough relaxed in the knowledge that they were completely unaware of my presence.

In other words I had tried to include some of the lessons and pointers gleaned from many of the greats. People whose work inspires and encourages us to practice and improve this fascinating and often daunting craft.
It’s a sobering thought after all to remember we are trying to emulate giants such as the master himself…Henri Cartier-Bresson.

More recently though I am enjoying the work of more current photographers; one of whom is Eric Kim. He is someone whom I have personally read about and learned vast amounts from.

It was on one of his web pages which I remember reading recently where he highlighted an interesting article; one in which he had listed lessons he felt he had learned from a photographer named ‘Weegee” Born June 12 1899 and whose work to this day remains simply astounding.

The 10 lessons which Weegee listed are as follows:

Lesson one – Get the shot!
Lesson two – Create your opportunity!
Lesson three – Be flexible with what you shoot!
Lesson four – Capture the context!
Lesson Five – Look the opposite way!
Lesson six – Look for people with character!
Lesson seven – Capture faces!
Lesson eight – Make people feel comfortable around you!
Lesson nine – You don’t really know what you get (until you try)
Lesson ten – Get to know your neighbourhood damn well!

So I guess it’s fair for me to assume that the photographer in my capture above might not accurately be described as being strictly street? But hey each to their own.
I was just glad to have got my picture!
So thank you guys

8 thoughts on “‘Strictly Street’

  1. Great pointers there Bob. And a great photo. How do you get things so clear? Is it the quality of camera or simply the person knowing how to use one?

    • Definitely not the latter I can assure you. Must be the camera. But then I remember a little story about a man who when he showed his photographs to friends; they stated “What wonderful pictures you must have a fantastic camera?” Later he enjoyed a meal with these same friends. Handing the hostess back his empty plate he said “What a wonderful meal that was. You must have a fantastic cooker” haha Thank you very much for your lovely words, they are always so encouraging! Regards Bob

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  2. Excellent shot, Bob. Weegee is one of my favorites. To me, he was street. I do lesson five all the time, but I had no idea it was what Weegee advocated. I’m rarely looking where I shoot when people are around.

    • Bill thank you for your kindness. I too am an advocate of the man, and am pleased to note he is one of your own favourites! Lesson five is definitely where it’s at? Take care my friend Bob

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