‘Still Cool’

'Still Cool'

I liked this photograph showing these two little girls as they rode happily past me recently; down in Commercial Road.

Weaving effortlessly through the shoppers on their iconic ‘Chopper bicycle’ neither seemingly in the least bit bothered about the rain or the very cold weather we are currently experiencing.

Both smiling broadly, their heads warmly covered in their padded ‘hoodies’ they were laughing and chattering away continuously and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Unlike these two I can actually remember the introduction of these bikes back in the late 60s; when thanks to their designer Alan Oakley they quickly achieved cult status!

Sadly though; many of the more modern bikes around today are all about carbon fibre and titanium and the lightness of frame.

Nothing at all like this trusty old Chopper in shot!

Surprisingly though; despite this apparent disadvantage, these little bikes with their high back rest and long seats; their motorbike style back wheel their cool centrally positioned gear shift; and just their general overall appeal, means that they continue to command a good price on trade in. These bikes are very much sought after even in today’s demanding market.

Their proud owners can join ‘The Raleigh Chopper Owners Club’ some even decide to buy older models in need of restoration; again a thriving market here in UK.

However, I doubt these issues have even entered into the minds of these two little girls. For them it’s all about enjoying themselves and being able to ride together; dodging any possible telling off from the local police support officers on duty this particular day?

One thing is for sure though. Today and all of the other days that they decide to use their coveted chopper bike, then memories will hopefully be created for them both, and remain long in their memories.
As indeed they seem to have done for me!

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