Spent an unexpected afternoon down in Gunwharf Quays after a rather disappointing trip over to Burnaby Park. Our original plan was that we visit the ‘World Record Attempt at Robot Dance body popping!’

There were posters and adverts everywhere. There was even to be a guest appearance by non other than Mr Jason Bradbury; Guinness World Record holder, author and presenter!

It all sounded quite exciting; and so my better half and I decided to pick up my daughter and our little Beau and head off to check this all out for ourselves! The temperature was bitterly cold and we all wrapped up accordingly, looking forward to a warm welcome.

However, on our arrival we were met firstly by a rather puzzled woman with a clip board who asked rather swiftly “Are you all robots?”

I explained that we weren’t all robots but instead we had just hoped to come along and watch and offer our support to their event.
This seemed to present a problem for her and she said “Well if you aren’t robots then you still need to sign in”
We were then directed to a young chap who was equally confused as to why we weren’t all robots and dismissed out of hand offering us even one of his brightly coloured paper wrist straps.
Then yet another lady asked “are you being robots?”
Once again I endeavoured to explain our intentions to her. In essence though, these were her exact words…

” Well actually we aren’t going to start for a while”
I asked “Then could you let me know roughly when that might be?” She replied “We will be practicing until four o’clock and won’t actually be starting until four thirty; so there’s really no reason for you all to be here!”
Somewhat perplexed at this I thanked her for the positive welcome and informed her of the fact that I had just spent £1.60 parking outside. I went on to explain that we had all just braved the freezing weather to come and cheer their event along.
Disgruntled…We then all left; feeling somewhat flat to say the least!

Anyway as we now had an hour to kill, we decided to walk into Gunwharf. As we arrived I spotted this rather ‘cheeky’ lady making a rather hurried escape from her balcony and back into the warmth of her exclusive high end apartment.
Maybe she too had planned to partake in the amazing ‘Robo Dance World Record body popping attempt?’

Bet they wouldn’t have turned her away eh?

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