‘Are you still searching?’

IMG_4367On the final day of our recent cruise I was standing outside one of the many gift shops whilst my better half explored the countless gifts which we thought we might need before returning to UK.

Strolling to a display at the rear of the premises I spotted these wonderful words.

Having recently shared a variety of differing thoughts and emotions during our trip we were both nearing the point where we felt ready to return home and start planning for our Christmas.

It’s true what they say travelling certainly does broaden the mind and it should without doubt to be an experience we should endeavour to fulfill whenever possible.

However despite the exotic foods we both savoured, all of  those fabulous cocktails we relished, and those balmy endless hours spent on relaxation; there inevitably comes a time when you begin to reflect on home and family?

It was however this small batik sign which stopped me in my tracks and which I felt most accurately captured the mood at the time.

Well sure enough, we are both safely home now; and once we had caught up on some welcomed sleep we were visited by our son and daughter and our youngest grandchild ‘Beau’

We spent the morning just sitting around the dining room table sharing our adventures with those we love the most.

There was smiles and laughter and the anticipation of looking forward to seeing our other three grand kids. The holiday was indeed awesome although the feelings generated by being around your own kind; particularly on the run up to Christmas; simply has no comparison.

Home is most definitely where the heart is…and that my friends is for sure!

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