‘Busker by royal appointment’

'Busker by royal appointment'

Well now…I have just received confirmation from those lovely people at word-press that I am officially over the100 followers mark.

(By ‘one’ to be precise!) Therefore bringing my tally to 101!

Do you know what I am so chuffed; and feeling very privileged to know that through all of your support and friendship I am in this fortunate position.

So thank you! Thanks to everyone of you who have helped me find my way into the world of blogging. You really are the best!

I promise you that I value all of the kind comments and trouble taken to visit and to kindly ‘like’ some of my street photography images.

It is down to all of you that I continue to feel motivated and invigorated with a drive to improve my photography as much as I am able.

That said…here’s my contribution for tonight. This is the first face which greeted me in a wonderful little place called ‘Rif Fort’ in Curacao. Established 1828.

This amazing old Rasta musician was such a fantastic character; and it seemed he knew everybody? Everybody definitely wanted to know him; that was a given!
His gift was that he was able to make up lyrics about each of the nationalities with whom he engaged, and constantly laughed loud and hard throughout all of our time on shore.

It was a treat to meet him and to shake his hand. I spent a brief time talking to him about where we were from and he proved more than knowledgeable about his geography.

His is a face I shall long remember and his spirit and sense of fun made this trip all the more memorable.

I gave him a couple of dollars when we were leaving and thanked him and his companions for their joy and music.

“Say hello to the Queen for me” he shouted, “Of course I will” I laughed “Will she remember you then?” ‘Yeah Mon” he boomed back at me! “She know me very well!”

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