”Father and Son Time’


Leaving our ship we entered the small and very colourful market place of Grenada.

The little fountain was heavily populated with locals who were chatting and sharing the daily gossip.

As it was very hot we decided to stop off at a small cafe/bar and grab a couple of cold drinks.

Sitting there I was taken aback by the colourful and vibrant scene which surrounded us; and watched from my vantage point as a formation of Harley Davidson motorcycles, each with a young female pillion passenger smiling widely whilst luxuriating back into their soft leather back rests and idly twirling the ends of their thick black glossy hair.

As they revved loudly by us and headed off up the busy street ahead I glanced about the place and spotted this little lad with his father, both sitting at a table not far from us.

The little lad looked totally bored, his posture and body language crying out for some contact and conversation.

Instead; throughout our whole time sitting there, which was in excess of 30 minutes, at no time did he receive any form of acknowledgement. I must admit to feeling really sorry for him.

We finished our drinks and left them both sitting there as we were hoping to grab some shots of the island and to capture some of the many people in and about the town.

However, on returning some time afterwards, we once again found ourselves passing the same cafe/bar as we made our way back to the ship.

And to my surprise; sitting at the very same table was this father and his son!

It’s a real shame how technology has so successfully created this disconnection we seem to have with one another these days? In particular when as adults we are meant to set an example to the young.

All this little boy seemed to be looking for was some eye contact, some recognition, and a warm friendly smile from his Dad. Because when all is said and done, it’s these things which are fundamental when it comes to communication in it’s truest sense?

So from today I vow to never use my mobile phone whilst in the company of others.

Indeed I shall make a concerted effort to stop being a slave to this mobile phone technology, particularly when I am with our grand children!

Now all that remains to be done is to find a way of me convincing them to do the same?

I think I might need to sit down and have a good old fashioned conversation with each of them about this I think?

Or should I ‘Face time’ them maybe?

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