Would anyone be able to shed light on why many of my earlier blog photographs have disappeared and only the text remains? I am somewhat perplexed as to how I retrieve these images again?

Hope someone might be able to help?

Thanks in advance


25 thoughts on “HELP

  1. Egad! I’m no help, but you have panicked me enough to back up my own old blogs. I hope a solution is found fast… That’s bloody awful.

    • It would appear that you have hit the nail on the head my good friend! I think I need to get this sorted out and hopefully be back in business? Many many thanks for your sound advice Have a great Christmas Bob

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      • Glad to have been of help. If you are reinstating images to your gallery, you will need to edit the original post and remove the dead link, then insert the correct image. You’re not over your free storage limit are you?
        Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas too.

      • You were right on the money my friend.

        I was equally unaware that I needed to remove the original post and dead link so thanks for letting me know! Having checked I am almost up to my limit now and as stated earlier I am wondering if I should move up to Lots to think about for me…but having met such great followers such as your good self and really enjoyed my blogging experience, I really hope I can continue with it in the future?

        You take care and thanks again for all your help Kind Regards Bob

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      • Just remove the dead link and insert the new link. No need to delete the original post.

        Also, reconsider the size that you upload your images at. I resize all my images to 1200 pixels long side. I have over 300 images on my site but have only used 5% of my free storage. No significant loss of image quality on the computer screen. Cheers.

  2. Hi Bob,
    Have they also gone missing from your media library? Go into the dashboard and go down to media, click on Library this is where all your uploaded photos are stored. Find the images and relink them to the post. If the images are not in your library then I suggest as a precautionary measure you change your login password.

  3. Bob, it might also be worth checking your media library for “unattached” images and clearing through them in order to create more room. Personally, I don’t think moving over to .org will be worth the bother where it always sounds like extra hard work to me! Good luck!

    • Hello my friend. Hope that you are well?
      I must admit I am liking your comments regarding…
      I feel I might be best placed to upgrade and just sit tight where I am?
      Your advice re: ‘unattached’ is a very good point, so thank you Patti
      Enjoy your Christmas

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