“Piston broke?” “Yeah… I think mine is too”

The man whom you can see lying prostrate on the bench in centre of frame is none other than the driver of this van.

However, as you can clearly see he is most definitely looking unfit for purpose?
This chap had literally just lost his footing whilst leaving the van and had been very professionally tended to by his colleague (also in shot)

The walking stick was provided by a considerate lady attendant from one of the public conveniences and was obviously one which had been left there and long forgotten… but had today it had found a new purpose in it’s life!

It was remarkably hot this particular day in Barbados; so just taking a few steps saw heat novices such as myself getting really hot and really quickly.

I was really impressed with what the first aider had achieved. I thought that he had done a great job, not only binding and securing the ankle, but ensuring his friend was then considerately positioned under the shade of this large tree in the foreground.

Taking up my camera I managed to snap this shot before the injured party; with some help from his pal, and the assistance of his recently acquired walking stick managed to get himself back into the passengers side of the waiting vehicle.

The look of relief in his face was almost palpable as the van with him in it, slowly reversed away.

Hopefully in the direction of their local hospital in order to get his suspected ‘break’ checked out.

Not much more to add in fairness, except to say that on reviewing this shot back home; I felt that the above punchline to a classic old joke seemed a very fitting title?

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