I was always told that you get nothing unless you ask? I am researched out tonight looking into upgrading my space availability to say premium package status…and staying on or moving up to

Nothing complex; just your thoughts from a personal perspective?

If you have any helpful advice I would truly appreciate it?

Hope you are all well and ready for Christmas guys?

Best regards


6 thoughts on “Advice

  1. I am on for my blog – and a friend does for his business website and I maintain it for him. Unless you need the extra space capacity (photos and all) I personally would go for the version. I don’t think people realise just how much can be done on the free site. They underuse it. It’s a bit like having a microwave and using it only to reheat a cup of coffee. They could get a really expensive microwave, and it would still be used just for reheating the coffee! That’s my feeling about it anyway. You are welcome to ignore this Bob!!!

    • Thank you so much for this measured response! The only thing that made me hesitant and a bit uncertain was the fact that in my research it stated that the blog can be taken down anytime and just disappear with no apparent reason needing to be given! I am very reluctant to jump ship as I am enjoying the .com site and would prefer to upgrade on this if it were feasible? I certainly won’t ignore your helpful response it is greatly appreciated! Speak soon my friend Regards Bob

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  2. Hi Bob,
    I agree with Bruce, the first question is how big are the file sizes of the pictures you post? If you are posting full resolution pics it will eat up the 3GB of free space real quick. I found that out and started posted all mine at 72DPI which is great for viewing on the web.

  3. Hi Bob I use .com and paid the upgrade, iv’e been posting daily and only used 2% of my space. i hear your concerns but there are so many people using .com I will be shocked if it got taken down. the previous comments i aggree with. The key is to reduce the photo size. if you want to call me and chat further about this and ways to reduce your photos send me your phone number through my private email

    • That is very kind of you Trevor and I will look forward to doing that. It would be good just to check a couple of things out with you as you are where I am aiming to be relatively soon. Most grateful my friend Bob

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