‘Boys will be boys’

'Boys will be boys'

Well then… here we all go. It’s 2014 everyone!

2014 eh? Sounds a bit strange at the moment; and it will no doubt be a while before I can remember to write this new date out properly?

Anyway, I hope you are well out there in the blogosphere and you are not suffering too many ill effects from last nights celebrations?

As I sit here tonight in the warm; the wind outside is howling and blowing the rain about in all directions. Our garage roof is lifting with each gust and it’s concerning me that bit might take off some time later this evening!

We are also finding little drips of water suddenly appearing that weren’t previously an issue? Completely minor of course in comparison with the horrendous floods and power cuts many less fortunate individuals are presently experiencing! What a nightmare for them this Christmas must have been?

Now then to my contribution for today. The little boy in this photograph was snapped by me recently in Whitely and it is a shot that for me had that slightly cheeky mischievous element to it.
I couldn’t help smiling as he pointed at the legs of the model in the shop window putting his other open hand over his mouth and stifling an embarrassed grin. He then tore off shouting “Oo-la-la” to his mother and giggling loudly, just being a typical little boy really.

So I have done it, I put up a picture and got myself back into my favourite pass time. And from this first brand new day of 2014 I intend to try and develop my blog as much as I am able, and I really am looking forward to catching up with everyone again soon.

Happy New Year my friends!

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