‘Faceless Followers’

'Faceless Followers'

Well…what do you think of the new theme? It was completely free; and I felt it suited my needs more than adequately for 2014?

So having been checking out the various themes and drooling enviably at some of their premium priced on offer I decided that as it’s already been a rather costly affair for me since returning home from our recent cruise!

To elaborate; we ended up with an unexpected bill for my daughters car followed quickly then by our remaining cat who decided to have a seizure under the dining room table whilst emmiting noises from his salivating mouth that only killer whales could relate to!

Currently I am still in a state of shock at the bills recieved from just two visits to our local vets.

The first entailed their charges for a blood test and an overnight stay!
(Quite honestly…I could have put the cat up in the honeymoon suite of the Hilton Hotel down the road here and still have had enough change to treat us both to a cooked breakfast!)

Then came another shock when we were presented with a charge of £28 for a course of medication in the form of minute pink tablets. These he is able to reject by flicking and firing out of his gob like projectiles and with monotonous regularity!

And then yet another check up was requested which was followed by another blood test after a brief five minute grope with the vet, (that was for the the cat you understand?) The whole fiasco amounted to the astronomical cost of £108.

So after I got the cat back home and left him a list of jobs to complete around the house before returning to his sick bed; I decided to take the camera and go over to Whitely for a coffee and to try to make some sense of how I can be quite so skint in such a short space of time.
Happy bleeding New Year…I think NOT!

Now regards this young couple in the image before you.

They were both so engrossed in playng this ‘roller-ball’ game of skill and competing against one another at a feverish pace; that they remained fixed to this spot for the time it took for me to get into the coffee shop to order up my Grande Americano, and then to consume it at what could only be described as a very leisurly pace.
I liked the way in which the mannequins in the shop window behind them both seemed to be following this critical ‘champions decider match’ with equal interest?

All that fun and yet…this game was completely free to play…That’s right it cost nothing…Nill…Zilch…Nada!

Unlike my frickin vet bill!

10 thoughts on “‘Faceless Followers’

  1. I like the free format. It doesn’t distract from the subject! I can relate to the cat plight. My cat is allergic to life, and needs a $103 injection every three months. There’s none left over for a coffee afterwards, so I’m thinking of switching to your vet for 2014 😀 Thanks for the exciting “rant” Bob.

  2. I like your new site layout 🙂
    Sorry about your furry friend 😦
    Been there done that! When the vet starts talking about a payment plan that’s when my mind says are you effin kindin me, an MRI I think not!

    • That is where I am right now my friend. I think these vets live in a differet world to you and I!
      Thanks for your kind words re the new style blog and I hope that you are well and happy?
      Speak again soon
      Take care

  3. Pilling a cat (and a dog, as well) is a bit of tricky project. You have to be able to drop the pill (or place it) right at the back of their throat so that the swallow reflex kicks in. I’ve gotten quite good at it over the years, and it amazes my husband.

    Best of luck with your kitty, and here’s to an uneventful 2014.

      • The trick is to hold your cat’s face in your non-dominant hand and use your thumb and middle fingers to force open their mouth (and turn their face upward). This should give you a good view of your cat’s tongue and throat. Place the pill at the very back and push it down slightly (make sure your nails are trimmed). Then let the cat close her mouth, and you can help the pill along by stroking downward on her throat. This only takes a few seconds.

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