Today’s image neatly encapsulates my entire feelings!

I have just spent the longest time ever trying to locate and re-establish my missing photographs!

Yes I know; you’re absolutely right, it’s entirely my own fault; and I have indeed learned a valuable lesson from my utter stupidity and lack of forward thinking!

But what a frickin ordeal I have had; and I still can’t trace three of the elusive previous images and this despite my very best efforts.

I have decided that enough is enough for today and I am presently still awaiting the results of our sick cats blood test. We were supposed to get these yesterday so I decided to registered my concerns about these being a day late.

“We have been really busy here this morning” I was informed by the somewhat hesitant receptionist, “I will get the vet to call you back as soon as possible okay?”

That was over two hours ago; and still no phone call! “Grrrrr”

This naff weather we all seem to be experiencing has now added itself into the mix and apparently most of the the main artery road links here in Portsmouth are presently under water; including the Eastern road and the sea-front?

So as it’s not truthfully been one of my most productive days I have decided that this image taken just a little while ago is to be my individual protest print designed to highlight just some of the hassles and indignities we all get to experience first hand every now and again?

On a positive note though; my youngest grandson Beau and my lovely daughter Jodie have just been blown here off their intended course, and have decided to share some food with us before once again braving the elements to return to their initial destination.

All I can hope is that things are better for you wherever you are reading this entry from today?

More bulletins will no doubt follow later but let me say thank you for allowing me to vent; I feel so much better having done so.
Rant over!

4 thoughts on “‘Pants’

    • He apparently has a thyroid problem Carissa so we are expecting long term cost for his tablets and consultations etc! Pets eh? Thanks for your kind comment on my photo my friend. Bob Sent from my iPhone


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