‘Run Rabbit’

'Run Rabbit'

Now when’s the last time you saw a leopard and a rabbit chatting with a friend whilst a jogger looked on in equally perplexed manner?

Well this was the sight which I was first greeted with this morning whilst I braved the elements and took a long stroll along a very windy and somewhat rain sodden Southsea Seafront today.

It was quite amusing to observe this scene unfold whilst I stood in the foyer entrance of the hotel opposite.

Firstly the young guy and his rabbit friend were spotted by me just strolling along together. Him kitted out in his full wet weather gear; whilst she had chosen to go for the ‘Christmas onsie’ option?

I set up the camera and focussed in on the image I hoped to capture as they both stopped to shelter underneath the entrance to South parade Pier.

As they were stood there chatting; the rabbit sipping from her bottled drink (maybe carrot juice perhaps?) I suddenly noted a vehicle whizz past them tooting it’s horn.

The pair then waved back excitedly as this vehicle pulled up just slightly further up the road from them.
And blow me; alighting swiftly from the said vehicle and bounding stealthily towards the rabbit and her friend came the driver; adorned in her own unique predator leopard onsie!

Initially I feared for the rabbit; although my concerns were allayed when they both embraced and nothing more than a bit of friendly banter ensued.

I put the view finder up to my eye just in time to catch the reaction of a lone jogger who suddenly appeared in frame and who also glanced in a puzzled manner in the general direction of the trio.

I snapped the shutter then walked away checking I had captured this image (Which is known as ‘chimping’ by the way and is actually deemed to be cheating a bit; if you’re into street that is?’)

The shot was there alright; and so smiling contentedly I glanced back over my shoulder to see the predator leopard driving away, whilst the rabbit and her friend wandered off together to who knows where?

The Jogger was by this time well out of sight! I think she possibly felt a bit over-dressed and so had decided to sprint back home immediately and to change into her Christmas ‘fox onsie’
Maybe planning to return later today in order to persue the rabbit? Should she indeed decide to venture out alone?

WELL… It could happen? Who’se to say it couldn’t anyway?

Least ways, if such a thing were to occur; you can bet your last dollar that it would happen here! This is Southsea after all!

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