‘No Purse?’

'No Purse?'

This image was taken in Romsey village. It resonated with me inasmuch as I can vividly recall; and not that long ago either…driving into our local Tesco garage forecourt and casually fuelling up the car with diesel. Only to find on my arrival at the kiosk desk; I had forgotten my wallet!

Then comes that sudden and horribly awkward realisation. You’re looking awkwardly into the eyes of the girl behind the desk who is now beckoning you forward quoting loudly your pump number and the amount owed for your diesel!


Luckily for me though I was a regular there; and so was able to negotiate a compromise returning a short time later complete with my wallet and credit card to settle my embarassing though unintentional debt.

For this young lady however; seen here kneeling in the fire escape doorway of her local convenience store and with her bags around her feet, things were’nt quite so easy.

It was immediately apparent that she had either misplaced or indeed completely forgotten her purse.

So whilst the couple in shot smilingly review their recent purchases; she is frantically checking and rechecking the contents of her hand-bag puzzling exactly where her purse might be!

I could only watch on sympathetically as she repeatedly rifled through her hand bag sadly arriving at the same result on each occassion…No Purse!

“Don’t you hate it when that happens?”

6 thoughts on “‘No Purse?’

  1. Great shot and story Bob! Done it before myself, lol. You could also use this pic to discuss the folks on the left talking together to be careful what you say because you never know who is listening! Have a great day!

  2. My wife tends to forget where she leaves things often, and she gets quite frantic when it’s something like a purse, keys, ID, money or something with sentimental value.

    • It’s concerning when we misplace things and understandably become anxious. I just find it interesting how despite having checked several times for a missing item we return to repeat the process again and again! What are we like eh? Thank you for stopping by Regards Bob

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