“Trust me… Iv’e got this!”

Now before I start with todays blog entry.

I need to make a confession to you all. As far as my personal skills or abilities as a motor mechanic are concerned…I am about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike!

So anyway, there I am walking down the street the other day on my way to visit my daughter Jo.

As I walked past this vehicle you see in the image above with it’s door swung wide open;
I hear this muffled voice say “Scuse me mate…you couldnt pass me those 150ml end cutting pliers could you?”

It was only then and after a quick double take, that I could actually make out that their was a guy in paint splattered overalls lying with his head and shoulders completely buried in the foot well; his backside half on and half off the front seat, and with his other foot planted firmly on the pavement in front of me.

“My missus just went indoors and I daren’t let go of these wires see?”

So dutifully rummaging around in his tool box I quickly located the pliers. Then passing them through the narrowest of gaps into his waiting fingers he gratefully retorted
“Brilliant, cheers mate…that’s much appreciated, thank you”

As I approached my daughters home I suddenly found myself running the following questions through my head; were it me having to do that repair?”

Firstly would I even attempt such a complex task?(Answer NO!)

Also, unless I was an active performer with ‘Cirque de Solei’ would I have ever managed to manouvere myself into this extraordinary position? (Answer NO!)

Would I have been able to solve the initial problem successfully? (Answer NO!)

And finally, even if I had managed to fix this fault; would I ever dare trust myself to drive the vehicle again? (Answer NO!)

But in conclusion; did I know which pliers to select when they were so crucial to this operation?

(Now I think you will find the answer to that is a definite YES!)

So when I next visit my daughter and I see this young fellah getting into his car to drive off then I can say; and with some degree of confidence…

“If you need any specialist help in the future my friend then trust me…Iv’e got this!”

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