The sun was relentless in Barbados on the particular day I sat enjoying myself a fabulous icey cold lager whilst relaxing outside the local and highly popular cafe/bar.

Alongside my left leg and tucked away underneath the wooden table I had chosen sat a tiny monkey.
Attached firmly to a piece of twine; he would now and again spring onto my shoulder. Then whilst distracted attempt to grab my unattended bottle of lager!
(Photographic proof will follow)

Despite my initial fright and alarm, this activity was by no means unusual. Or so I was reliably informed by the proprieter of the cafe/bar.

It seemed to get hotter as I sat now holding very firmly onto my drink and keeping a close eye on my new somewhat boisterous drinking partner.

I was now sweltering; but I can vividly remember that if I could manage to remain perfectly still then the beads of perspiration would remain static on my head, face, and body.
That said though, there were at this stage thousands of these tiny beads of moisture, currently suspended and motionless.

Trouble was, that in order to for me to fully enjoy this icey cold lager it was essential I maintain my grasp on the bottle with my dominant hand whilst slowly raising the prize upwards to my eager lips; whilst at the same time watching for the monkey and then slightly tilting my head therefore allowing the drink to slide effortlessly down my throat.

But upon carrying out this one relatively simple task, these once motionless beads of perspiration became disturbed and commenced running off in every different direction. Feeling the sweat soak into my shirt I decided to promptly return the bottle back to it’s original position on the table in front of me.

I then leant forward and was promptly flooded my eyes with perspiration which by now was also soaking into the material down the front of my shirt.

So using my bare right then left fore-arms I then proceeded to frantically wipe these rivulets of sweat from my face and very sunburnt brow.

Consequently the T-shirt then came off and I decided to just wrap it completely around my head.

Then looking ahead of me, I notice this elegant local lady who had obviously through years of experience learned the best and most effective solution to this problem.

The trusty old parasol!

“Such a simple solution. And so much more classy don’t you think?

Snapping this image I completely missed the monkey who had taken this momentary lapse in my concentration to achieve his objective, and was by then licking the spilled lager from the wooden table top!

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