‘Dapper Chap’

'Dapper Chap'

It’s still very cold outside but at least today is a dry one!

Hopefully then the worse of the weather we’ve been suffering is now on its way out!

I remember taking this photograph a little while back when the temperatures were not dissimilar to those we have been having of late, when walking towards me and giving a somewhat cursory glance came this very dapper looking chap you see in frame.
I took this image because I genuinely thought that he had made a concerted effort and just looked so distinguished and well turned out?

Obviously a connoisseur of fashion this gentleman not only stood out from the crowd; but he had developed his very own very unique style in clothing. Good on him I say!

It isn’t very often these days we see people making such an effort to dress so well; and in this particular case for no apparent reason, other than he felt like doing it, and it made him feel good about himself, as his swagger and posture might suggest?
This gent simply oozed class!

I would like to think that I would be equally capable of dressing so well although I somehow think I would probably fall far short of his exacting standards!

But for some of the lucky ones amongst us, looking this cool obviously just comes naturally eh?

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