Well then, that’s that I suppose?

Today we were woken early to unfortunately witness our remaining cat experiencing a mild seizure.

Although this seemed to pass relatively quickly, I was only too aware this was his third such episode since his most recent visit to the vet.

We sat with him a while and although restless he seemed to recover and felt well enough to eat a small amount of his favourite cat food.
He then followed me upstairs where he lay down quietly on the bedside carpet as I got myself ready for the day ahead.

In only a matter of minutes however he had moved himself with some degree of difficulty around to where I was in his view. He was fitting again. This second fit though was more pronounced and his heart and breathing rates were noticeably elevated.

My wife called the vet and I placed him into the cat travel box where again he seemed to show a reasonably quick recovery.

After a thorough examination I was informed that he had a large collection of fluid in his stomach and lungs and that his heart rate was in excess of 260 bpm.

He was seriously unwell!

Although feeling upset and obviously emotional, there was only one choice for me to make.
I then signed the form giving my permission for him to be put to sleep; which was not easy.

Deebs was then taken away for a few minutes and returned with a catheter in his arm.

Reluctantly he stepped out of his cat box and already mildly anaesthetised; we lay him down on a makeshift blanket as the drugs were administered by the vet. He slipped away very peacefully while I held and stroked his head and face.

Deebo was fifteen years old!

I know he didn’t suffer today and hopefully in his own way he will have understood it was time?
I wrapped him in his blanket and returned him to his box. I then drove him back home where I buried him in our garden; he is now resting in his favourite spot and alongside ‘Luka’ his old sparring partner who we sadly lost just a while back.

The family I know will be very upset at this news, and I am truly going to miss him so very much.

I am however mildly comforted in knowing; that in the vets opinion, this was the right thing to do!

Sleep now my friend and thank you for sharing your time here with us all!

10 thoughts on “‘Deebo’

  1. That’s very sad, Bob. And a beautiful tribute for all who have had to make such humane decisions about treasured pets.

  2. Oh, dear friend, I am so sorry for your loss. The furry members of our family are so precious, and I know Deebo knows how much he was loved by you all. It sounds like he had a wonderful life with you and a peaceful passing.

    • I know there should never have a favourite pet, but Deebo was my little soul mate…
      I miss him loads.
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful words; they are very welcomed at this time Carissa.

    • Probably sounds strange but I was given the option to leave the vet to put him to sleep, or to stay with him. I couldn’t not be there Bill!
      Thanks so much for your sentiment

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