'The Tree'

Took a walk around one of our very popular local attractions today, known as Staunton Country Park.

Here you can spend some quiet time just strolling around some of the 1000 acres of beautiful
Regency landscaped parkland and forest; or just spend some time around the tranquil settings of their lake.

In contrast you could always stop off at their amazing genteel tearooms in the splendid Victorian Glass House.
Here you can enjoy a tea or coffee brought to your table by waiters and waitresses in fine bone china cups and saucers or sample a choice of their delicious home made soups.

They also serve up a variety of puffy cheese scones and pastries etc.
All in the most stunning surroundings.

So having walked around a while I decided I should indeed take a break in the tearooms.
I don’t quite know exacly why; but to me It always seems somewhat twee when I visit here, even slightly decadent.

After a brief read of the papers I then strolled off around the back of the walled garden in the grounds and for interest I decided to capture this somewhat unusual composition?

This little tree hugging the wall and the clay plant pot against the brickwork of the surrounding wall just took my eye.

I downloaded the image and apart from some minor cropping I felt that I preferred the black and white image?

For me at least it made much more of an impact!

It was equally nice today to enjoy some warmth from the sunshine. Especially after all the rain?
But mostly I relished the opportunity to languish in my own thoughts; reflecting on recent events and trying to think more positively about what might yet unfold in the the coming year?

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