‘Fukarwe Tribe Member’

'Fukarwe Tribe Member'

Just loved this character who I was fortunate enough to cross paths with recently.

With my love of Street Photography and endeavouring to capture real life; I am always on the look out for interesting individuals to hopefully snap and to share on my blog page.

This gentleman; I hope you would agree, certainly seemed to qualify?

When I took his photograph, he was most definitely ‘in the zone’ and unoblivious to me, to my camera or indeed to anything going on around him.

As I drew closer to him the volume controls on his headphones were turned up so high that I could clearly hear the repetitive bass beat of his music he was listening to.

Sporting this magnificent silver beard, wearing his brightly coloured skull cap and leather waistcoat; he most certainly looked like one of Gosport’s rich characters.

It was only however when I returned back home and downloaded this shot that I had a really good laugh to myself, particularly when I read more clearly the inscription on the patch in the centre of his leather, and which I am sure you have by now already picked up on?

I just love that we have people in our society who are prepared to stand out from the crowd and to be just that little bit different; challenging those often long held beliefs still held by some of us regarding certain stereotypes?

I even remembered the original joke about the incredibly small tribe in Africa who lived in some very long deep lush grasslands; and who earned their name because due to their tiny stature, they all had to constantly jump up and down on the spot whilst out hunting.

Thier cries could be heard clearly by any explorers visiting their lands, as they shouted out loudly …’Where the Fukarwe?”

Still funny, even by todays standards. Ha ha ha! I Love It!

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